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Summer 2006

The Plague of Asian 'Rural Gangsterism':
An Immediate Study In The United States

Why did you put crooked Police Chief Finney's picture and praise on [the blogspot about] me, along with my picture. Police Chief Finney bragged that they stole my house, and there was nothing I could do about it. He taunted me, and laughed. It was not until I wrote papers about it, and passed them out to key people in town [including] my Shriner fraternity brothers and sisters, that he gave my house back. Officer Stergil [ ] ran me off of my property with a gun, and I was not allowed to go back in for my purse, or overnight bag, rings, or anything. I called Police Chief Finney everyday, telling him he was using criminal malfeasance of his position to steal my house, and he taunted me, and told me to go back to NY, and forget about my house; that they have it now, and [he] laughed and said that they would arrest me for trespassing if I ever went back to it. I never had any mortgage or charges or court or anything. Finney and his thugs just stole my house, like one of their typical Ku Klux Klan activities. Why are you supporting and praising him????

Judy – really, really sorry. This is definitely an effort to blame the bad guys [including Finney] and not the victims, but there was a larger criminal STRUCTURE behind Finney and it ties immediately to the CIA.
The article praises Finney; we do not, but suggest in either 'cause and effect' or 'carrot and stick' it must be taken into consideration as part of the paradigm.

Criminal Police Chief Robert 'R.T.' Finney

JUDY CUNNINGHAM (born 1953, American) appears to be a legacy CIA 'individual designation and appropriation' case [grooming] with residual - negative - ties ongoing to date.
The case is particularly interesting because it appears to include stress criteria and an iterative testing scenario which certainly is not pleasant for Cunningham but may reflect broader agency capabilities in tracking [her physically] and an ongoing evaluation capability, presumably including documentation, analysis, and command capabilities, as well as a reward mechanism for other participants which can be quantified at least in part if not completely.

Interesting as she may be - and the process she has been brought through, if haphazardly administered and not entirely preplanned, seems to be 'as complete' in time and activities as any - the larger scenario around her or which she fits ['was fitted'] into is truly fascinating.

Cunningham lived in Carbondale Illinois, occasionally venturing down to St. Louis for recreational activity. Cunningham claims to have gone out with John Ashcroft three times prior to Spring Training 1991 which appears to have been a set up perhaps concerning the potential enrichment of
Mr. Ashcroft, failing which;
Cunningham's Ph.D. thesis about health care is hijacked by a professor in essentially criminal conspiracy,
Cunningham is professionally attacked,
her brother dies and she gets harassed in trying to save a group of children from drug dealers in Carbondale,
in 1995 the local political power structure shifts from Democrat to Republican,
and with that shift one of the local power brokers gets a retarted or half wit man who is apparently a relative, Patrick Mitchel, to sit outside Cunningham's house telling people he is her boyfriend and driving off other men, ultimately making Cunningham's job prospects hinge on supporting the man - perhaps in a marital relationship [stated by Mr. Mitchel, suggested to Cunningham by others in oblique references],
the drug dealers appear to be related to Ku Klux Klan and Nazi activity in Illinois,
Cunningham is not allowed to complete her Ph.D. or submit any other dissertation,
Cunningham is driven from Carbondale Illinois,
returning to Carbondale in October 2001 she found her house seized by unknown and illegal occupants and she could not immediately get it back though she finally did by circulating papers about the seizure and raising public awareness;
she sought work in New York and has been subjected to a similar assailant following her around and alternately telling people he is her boyfriend or she is no good and in trouble,
with essentially unknown people contacting potential employers and destroying her job prospects.

How can that happen, and who are the critical figures in the attack. What forces them to participate, and at least in retrospect can they see the attack mechanisms developing - the following article about Finney very obviously relates to the attack on Cunningham; eliminating negligence the question becomes a study of why [careerism or conspiracy] Finney wasn't able to avert the orchestrated scenario.

Effectively this is a study of Asian-like 'RURAL GANGSTERISM' in the United States,
in Bessie Daughtrey and Judy Cunningham's instances associated at least in time with the terrorist attacks of 9/11 and suggesting larger issues in local power structures projecting 'situational dominance' as an important aspect of the so-called 'New World Order.'

Who Finney is. Please do not interpret this as support for Finney, or as legitimizing, mitigating, or diminishing what he did. The larger issue is outside power structures ‘adjudicating’ law enforcement in the United States which has reached near crisis levels in the CIA restructuring of the police force in Albuquerque New Mexico 2005 for example; here we only look at one aspect of a larger scenario and refuse to condone the spectrum which ranges from ‘deliberate negligence’ to invidious attacks in the corruption of law enforcement.
Bribing cops or the ‘cop on the take’ used to be emblematic of city living – we are also interested in looking at what was conceptual reform in the context of CIA designators. Did ‘cleaning up’ the more minor infractions lead to creation of a rigid or even military hierarchy structure which ignores the macro paradigm and effectively shields the criminal structure with stress and conformity.

Carbondale Police Chief Robert 'R.T.' Finney is a Man of the law, Brett Nauman, Daily Egyptian, April 02 2001.
It took almost 18 years of service in Quincy for Carbondale Police Chief Robert "R.T." Finney to achieve his career goal.

"I wanted my own department," said Finney who was hired in 1999 by Carbondale City Manager Jeff Doherty to keep the city up to date with modern policing techniques. "I had been in Quincy for a long time and wanted to go out on my own."

Now that his wish has been granted, Finney is trying to lead by example. In December he was certified by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police for the professionalism of his job, an honor held by only 13 of the state's police chiefs. He completed a series of written tests that examined his knowledge of managerial, budgeting and policing concepts, which required him to review more than 1,100 pages of text. He was also orally questioned by a panel that explored his leadership qualities and tested him on public relations and ethics.
"The certification makes us continue our education," Finney said. "It ensures other agencies that if you're a certified chief then you're getting someone who is professional and has adequate degrees."
Finney's achievements do not surprise Doherty. He said Finney has successfully reorganized Carbondale Police Department using his own managerial style. Doherty said Finney is energetic and devoted to the Carbondale community by increasing his own policing knowledge.
"He wants to be the best police chief he can be," Doherty said. "He works very hard to do things the right way."
Quincy Police Department Deputy Police Chief Harry Cramer has known Finney since he began his police career. Finney held many different positions in the department, gradually advancing is career. After beginning as a patrolman, he became a detective in the investigations division. He eventually became commander of the SWAT team. Cramer saw many of the same qualities as Doherty.
"I'm going to be perfectly honest with you," Cramer said. "R.T., wherever he worked, did an exemplary job. He seemed to always set a standard, wherever he worked."
In 1992, Finney, then a sergeant, was promoted to be the Supervisor of the Street Crimes Division and given the task of combating the influx of rising gang activity.
"It was really satisfying," Finney said. " I got to work closely with members of the community. Together we lured gang members out of Quincy."
During this period many gang members from the Latin Kings and Gangster Disciples began to move from bigger cities like Chicago and St. Louis to smaller communities like Quincy. The town's developing problem was turned over to Finney.
Finney worked on formulating departmental policies to deal with them. Cramer said the job was tough, because Finney was constantly in danger. He successfully worked the streets at night, studied the gangs and developed tactics at confronting them.
"We arrested people nightly," Finney said.
Meanwhile, Finney was busy making sure others at the police department knew how to recognize gang members in the community.
"He had a good reports system," Cramer said. "He reported everything throughout the department. He really set a standard for other sergeants who hold that position.
"Quincy, we have been told, has got a reputation for being a town that people who are going to commit crimes will encounter an enforcement department."
Finney worked on Quincy's gang problem for more than three years. He was promoted to lieutenant and in 1996 became a deputy police chief.
"When he was named, I wasn't surprised at all," Cramer said. He said Finney had basically worked in every department from traffic to SWAT.
Now, Finney has his own department. Earlier in his life he received his education attending schools in the West Frankfort area. Finney and his wife, Connie, were glad to return to Southern Illinois. Connie, a teacher of fourth and fifth graders at Giant City Elementary School, said her husband's new job is a different experience for her. When Finney was a regular police officer in Quincy she worried about his physical safety - now, the majority of her worries come from the political image of her husband.
"It's a different kind of stress," Connie said.
A typical day for Finney now consists of him arriving at the department at 8 a.m. to review the previous night's crimes. He looks over reports and the department's budget so policing supplies can be purchased. He supervises the 60 sworn officers and strives to ensure the city is well-protected. Depending on the day, he leaves at 5 p.m., but has to be ready to support his officers and provide information to the community whenever a situation arises, like last week's armed robbery at Midwest Cash.
Despite being on-call all the time, Finney remains an active father to his three children, Kate, 14, Sarah, 12 and 8-year-old Robby. He still finds time to attend their events and work in some fishing time. All three are active in the Grace United Methodist Church activities, including choir and youth group.
According to Connie, Finney is more than just the city's police chief.
"He's a person with lots of strong moral and ethical values," she said. "He's a great leader for our family and community."

New York Times 1995:
Profile of Chicago Mayor Richard M Daley, throwback to days when big-city mayors ran their Democratic machines; Daley is Democrat with instincts of Republican, self-professed outsider who regularly bad-mouths 'the bureaucrats in Washington'; he says he has no serious differences with Republican revolution, and he preaches privatization, big development and small government; observers say Daley will be easy winner of second-term as Mayor next Tuesday.... (M), Ap 1, I, 1:3

In other words, Cunningham has at least oblique support on issue of the 'political shift' without immediately addressing the larger context of manipulation in that scenario [which would be the overview perspective on this website]; the question here is whether or not its possible to quantify the extent of the operational corruption on the ground.
We're not sure; CIA source near Judy fed us some data and we'll have to see how it plays out or hopefully works in averting issues. looks at a possible scenario for the summer of 2006 [not in Washington D.C.]; Judy Cunningham is now in New York and that scenario came out of a group she associates with. We posted it at peterbis because it almost certainly originated in the CIA and relates to his contacts, BUT the larger point is that the CIA is working in Judy Cunningham's group [NOW - ongoing] or at least has contacts they immediately utilize close to her.

Cunningham is now very blatantly attacked and undermined by others - to no purpose other than as a subject in a manipulation scenario which leads to the expectation the CIA involvement has continued though it might be possible for private individuals to assume some aspects of responsibility in that as in Sheila Bilyeu matters - but at one time she was apparently being prepared for a significantly different alternate future
perhaps similar to Ann Powers - Detroit - born 1968 backdated to 1963 Office of Patents,
or Dennis Sweeney born perhaps 1940s Oregon who inadvertently diminished a CIA 'tidal shift' operation by working civil rights in the southern United States prior to the marquee deaths of 1964, attended Democratic Convention 1964 Atlantic City and was ultimately attacked by Allard Lowenstein beginning approx 1968 after failing to target a specific deployment objective, with the brunt of the assault apparently 1970 to 1980 at some level ongoing to date.

notes she is a genius, as was Powers with Sweeney at least bright and perceptive and Peter Bis essentially meeting a different criteria but in context similarly situated.

At issue is the trigger or 'down select criteria' determining which of several alternate futures are realized, the role CIA management - presumably at some level reflecting CIA requirements - plays in determining the selection, and the ability of the individuals to play a substantive role in modifying negative outcomes [which to date has been absolutely zero - in no instance have individuals targeted by the CIA been able to independently diminish the invidious assaults].

Peter Bis is not a great example - actually, he is good in contrast - because activity in his case was either linear in lacking alternate futures or he drove through the intersection essentially without realizing it.

------ DRAFT ------

Grandfather Glen Smith of Flora, Indiana was significantly responsible for educating / cultivating / grooming Cunningham in her early childhood, taking her to museums in Washington D.C. [apparently repeatedly] and otherwise attending to her pre-school education, hugely curtailed - abruptly truncated - with his death in 1957. In other words, he died when she was only four years old, but had made a significant impact on her prior to that time.
Potential point of interest - grandfather Glen Smith considered running for Congress [House of Representatives] but didn't - he may have gotten sick but in any case his friend ran, won, and stayed in the House for many years. It is not clear whether or not that relates to Cunningham's subsequently adverse CIA relationship, or whether the grandfather had somehow [innocently or otherwise] designated her as a 'special child' which somehow was brought to the attention of the CIA, but it does seem awfully coincidental if in fact it is not related.
Anyway grandfather dies. Home situation 'deteriorates' [orchestrated or not] including physical assaults [at the hands of her older brother]. Cunningham sought help, and essentially lived with 'guardians' from age 16 [Oct. 1969] until [approximately 1972].
'Guardians' were John and Mary Lou Gentile. John was "Deputy Director of the Department of Finance for the State of Illinois" under Governor Richard Ogilvie until 1972, when a new governor was elected, at which point he was appointed Assistant Post Master General of the United States and the couple moved to McLean Virginia.
At least in discussion, that 'selection process' - how a genius 16 year old girl from an essentially broken home ended up living with the future Assistant Post Master General - would seem to be of interest. Unfortunately Cunningham - who's memory is otherwise excellent save for some experiences related to Cambodia during the Viet Nam War-era she seemingly cannot recall - does not remember precisely what led to her staying with the Gentiles, or even whether they were made formal guardians or not. PLEASE NOTE Cunningham has nothing but good things to say about them, remembering John Gentile with particular fondness. She served as his personal assistant / executive intern in 1972 prior to the Washington relocation; Cunningham did not relocate to Washington with them, and turned down an opportunity to work behind John Gentile in his private computer company,
which may have been the whole point of the guardianship and intern process but IF it was the possibility of orchestration is certainly present.

Subtext to the 'guardian' issue. Late 1960s Cunningham - under pressure at home - seeks to protect an undefined group of children from 'drug dealers' which essentially has been a reoccuring theme if not crusade in her life, leading her to document specific practices of drug dealers which in turn appear to be CIA manipulation devices.
1969 she makes a specific effort, the drug dealers catch her and beat her very seriously, throwing her in a pool of water [apparently near an old mill or building] to drown; Cunningham gets her chin up on the mud above water and so does not drown but claims there were other bodies in the pool or stream.
A girl named Becky Heath comes back to save Cunningham and befriends her, ultimately telling Cunningham about a camp in Flag Staff Arizona she had been sent to by the drug dealers.
Essentially people were sent to the camp and kept in a condition of endentured servitute over the cost of booze or drugs [late 2005 or early 2006 that happened down in Florida and the camp was shut down with media coverage but the instance suggesting a CIA practice continues]; Heath died - apparently murdered - in 1972 after Cunningham got out of the Army and is buried in Mt. Pulaski Illinois.

Cunningham served in the Army 1970- 1971 originally in a training environment which underwent unnaturally intensive activity [2 hrs sleep with two or three 15 minute periods to sit down during the day] preparing for a Cambodian deployment; Cunningham was apparently the only woman who made it through the 8 week training effort [most other women dropped out after two weeks tops], went to Cambodia, and deployed as an assassin. She has not talked extensively about that time period though it is obviously of great interest both alone and within the context of her life experiences.

Cunningham lived in Carbondale Illinois, occasionally venturing down to St. Louis for recreational activity. Cunningham claims to have gone out with John Ashcroft three times prior to Spring Training 1991, generally to a bar called the Hardshell Cafe six or eight blocks southeast of Busch Stadium [in conversation she also referred to the bar by the street address, as in the 1839 or 1820 Cafe, while a subsequent check shows the Hardshell Cafe to be at 1860 South 9th Street St. Louis with a reference to '1860's Hardshell Cafe']. At that bar or elsewhere - a different bar they went to together with Cunningham viewing the bartender in question - Mr. Ashcroft claimed to have gotten a blonde bartender pregnant, saying the abortion 'didn't matter because she was just a bartender and didn't have any feelings.'
Mr. Ashcroft also said it was okay to go to discos where black people are, speaking in a pattern Cunningham thought was odd at least in retrospect. Within the larger pattern of activity, dating Ashcroft - and breaking it off - is an interesting precursor to subsequent events which happen in very short order:

[as noted above]
Cunningham's Ph.D. thesis about health care is hijacked by a professor in essentially criminal conspiracy,
Cunningham is professionally attacked,
Cunningham's brother dies and she gets harassed in trying to save a group of children from drug dealers in Carbondale,
in 1995 the local political power structure shifts from Democrat to Republican, and with that shift one of the local power brokers keys an assailant to Cunningham [literally having a retarted or half wit man sit outside her house telling people he was her boyfriend and driving off other men] making Cunningham's job prospects hinge on supporting the man - perhaps in a marital relationship,
the drug dealers appear to be related to Ku Klux Klan and Nazi activity in Illinois,
Cunningham is not allowed to complete her Ph.D. or submit any other dissertation,
Cunningham is driven from Carbondale Illinois,
returning to Carbondale in October 2001 she found her house seized by unknown and illegal occupants and she could not immediately get it back though she finally did by circulating papers about the seizure and raising public awareness;
she sought work in New York and has been subjected to a similar assailant following her around and alternately telling people he is her boyfriend or she is no good and in trouble,
with essentially unknown people contacting potential employers and destroying her job prospects.

PLEASE NOTE Cunningham does not allege any sexual activity took place between her [Cunningham] and Mr. Ashcroft; this section is in progress with supporting details pending.


Everyone Should Learn to Recognize for Prevention:

By Judy Kay Cunningham, RN, BA, BSN, MS, (abd Ph.D.), CHES, CRC

Please note the Abuser uses these tactics while smiling at their targets - “ignorant victims” - pretending to be their friend.

(Also, please note that a definition of “Propaganda” is... sales tactics/manipulation used by someone, who knows that what he is teaching/selling is not for the best, and/or will not benefit the ignorant victim that he is targeting with the propaganda.) Identifiers such as “they,” or “she” may be substituted for “he.”

The source of this study was (1) when I counseled kids in my capacity as a nurse and as a counselor and as a scout leader of underprivileged kids, (2) encounters with kids in both professional and non-professional situations, and (3) personal experience, and (4) from literature on tyranny and manipulation by such authors as Alexis DeToqueville, Abraham Lincoln, and Psychologists.


1. Making people isolated, ignorant, disorganized, or frightened makes them weak and easy to control, manipulate, or use to sell drugs.

2. Causing ignorant people to get into trouble makes them weaker, and less likely to be successful, especially with friends, and are more likely to turn to the Abuser, who offers them something to do, which he promises will make their life better, such as drugs, selling for him, or voting for him.

3. Picking on small weak people in front of other weak people, if they are ignorant, may make the spectators afraid to be around the person who is being picked on. They are afraid that they will be picked on too. They may try to side in with abuser. They may try to act tougher, and try to be like the one doing the “picking on” instead of like the one being picked on. Abusers and bullies often look for weak, ignorant, neglected, lonesome people with poor social skills to pick on.
4. Jeering at, or scoffing at, people who act intelligent, or offer intelligent leadership, organization, or positive activities prevents them from becoming a Leader who would discourage the victims from doing ignorant things and following the Abuser. Abusers encourage their ignorant followers to hate and make fun of anyone or anything intelligent.

5. Blaming things on their victim, or spreading false rumors about their victim, or their nice friends gets them into trouble - in spite of the fact that the ignorant victim trusts them.

6. Sensationalizing small human failures, or body features that are less than perfect, and making it appear that their victim is the only one, and is bad, and that you need to be perfect to be liked.
7. Using big talk about himself to impress his victims. Acting confident, and “cool.”

8. Assures victims they will be rich, prosperous, or popular, if they follow him. A common line of drug dealers is that they will have a big car if they do drugs, or will be able to ride in a limo, and that they will have the date of their choice, and enough money for everything that they want, and that if they have a big car and money, they will be a good person and happy.

9. States that “everyone” does drugs, or votes for him/her, or does whatever it is that he/she is trying to manipulate the target people into doing. They, also, tell the ignorant people that anyone who doesn’t, is “out” or “a fagot,” or “unhip,” or otherwise undesirable and untouchable, and will be alone, and rejected if they don’t. (“Get on the Bandwagon” tactic”). He/she may display fake polls or opinions that state they are in favor of him/her.

10. Tells the victim that he/she is their only friend, and that he/she is a true friend, and will always be there for them, and will look out for them, and will help them to get jobs, or finances, and will protect them in times of trouble. (This is far from the truth, though.)

11. Insulting the victims to destroy their self-esteem. May tell the victim that everyone thinks the victim is bad, and that he is the only one who stands up for them – or its them against the world.

12. Discouraging the victim from talking. Talking promotes intelligence, and friendship. Also, the less the target ignorant victim talks, the less chance the Abuser has of getting into trouble, or of being found out to be a drug dealer, manipulator, or tyrant. Also, the less a person talks, or writes, the more ignorant, alone and weak, he/she remains. A good example is when rapists tell the victim they will be disgraced if anyone finds out, and then no one knows about the rapist, and he does not get into trouble, and he is free to continue raping new victims.

13. Discouraging the victim from writing. Writing is the most powerful tool the world has ever known. The pen is mightier that the sword.

14. Trying to get the victims to place their goals and highest values in money, greed, and self instead of truth, love, loyalty, country, altruism, duty, family, good citizenship, and “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Will discourage religion in favor of atheism.

15. May discourage education and appreciation of heroes, kind people, inventors, and positive constructive people, encouraging hero worship of beautiful celebrities, or celebrities who overdose on drugs, criminals and serial killers as powerful people. Observational learning is the most extensive means of learning. Observational learning is the main means animals learn from their mothers, fellow animals and the environment. Watching violence on TV is as powerful as a mother cat showing her kitten how to use the litter box. Non-verbal language can be more powerful than verbal language. When a parent tells a kid to say no to drugs, but then the parent does drugs him/herself, or laughs when sending a message, they negate the message. TQM (Total Quality Management) is a system of doing business, developed at Harvard University. One of the 12 main principles is that intelligent people have to have a clear explanation of “why” before they will do anything.

16. The Abuser may try to break up their victim with any close friends that they have, or from any nice relationships, or anything that brings them happiness, or peace.

17. The Abuser may try to get his victim to go out on his or her spouse, and then see to it that the spouse finds out about it in breaking up the relationship.

18. The Abuser may try to break up relationships by saying that their friend/significant other is stupid, uncool, unlikable, a scab, an outsider, or bossy, and to stay away from them.

19. Try to make the victims to drop out of any clubs, organizations, schools, churches, committees, or any constructive projects that they are working on… and to make them stay away from any place where they could make nice friends, or gain good reputation or self confidence, and to only engage in negative activities, or activities dependent on the abuser.

20. The Abuser may spread lies about his victim, behind her back, while pretending to be her friend.

21. The Abuser may try to get them to do something that would make them disgusting to their friends, such as stealing from them, or getting arrested, kicked out school or fired from their job to make their future prospects bleak.

22. The Abuser will tell his victim that everyone likes him (the abuser) and his followers, and that no one likes the nice people, or any positive constructive people.

23. Encourage the victim to be excessively competitive, so that he/she is isolated from competitors.

24. Confuses lots of freedom with isolation, preventing cooperation, and friendliness.

25. Prevent victim from doing charity work, or providing any kind of help to friends, neighbors, or community, so that there will be no return of help from friends or community for the victim when he/she needs it.... thereby promoting isolation and weakness, and preventing the sense of pride which comes from being a kind person and good citizen. Large overwhelming charities may be promoted, so that there will be no sense of connection to them. A variety of tactics may be used, from just saying, “A friend in need is a pest indeed” to outlawing giving to non-registered charities.

26. The Abuser may have people in power to back him up in his manipulation, and back up what he is saying, or pledge protection --- often at a party, while all are drinking liquor together or doing drugs. An example is that many drug dealers have “elected states attorneys” and police to pledge protection. Please note that not all elected states attorneys and police are bad. It was Rudolph Guliani who put away John Gotti (and therefore incurred a lot of these tactics against himself from drug dealers, such as propaganda that he was power hungry.) Think carefully, and about concrete evidence, before you judge someone. Watch for concrete evidence. Drug dealers often have cops try to rape kids, and tell them that they have no one to protect them, leaving the kid in a state of terror of his or her entire life.

27. Drug dealers and abusers look for ignorant, poor, or neglected people to manipulate or to sell drugs. However, those are not the only ones. Remember all of the famous people who have over dosed on drugs in the middle of wealth and success. An example would be Hugh O’Conner, a star of the TV Show, Heat of the Night, who committed suicide due to delusions from drug use, when his father, Carroll O’Connor of Heat of the Night and Archie Bunker, professed much love and protection for him -- or the Kennedy boy who over dosed to death, or Columba Bush bravely announcing that she will campaign against drug dealers because her daughter is addicted. A lack of self esteem, love and emotional security makes a good target for a drug dealer, but drug dealers know how to use hynosis to wipe out memories and feelings.

28. During the few minutes immediately following drug use, a state of hypnoses is induced, and whatever the manipulator tells the drug user to do is embedded in the drug user’s mind and compels the drug user to do it, or to believe it, often forever. An example is a major corporate executive whom I counseled, who fell in love with his drug dealer and became addicted to cocaine the first time that he did cocaine, even though he knew it was wrong, and she was just an uneducated addict. He gave her all of his money, sold his house, and went into debt to give her money, and her friends, although she would have nothing to do with him, and publicly humiliated him. More generally are the people who have many prospects in life giving it all up to sell drugs. People who say that they have to sell drugs to have a big car when they already have a big car. Another example would be the time a drug dealer at a football game told my friend Harry, while he was smoking Marijuana, that anyone who speaks to me is a fagot. The drug dealer used harsh sneers while saying that. Throughout the rest of the football game, Harry would not speak to me and gave me harsh sneers just like the sneers that Drug Dealer used while hypnotizing and manipulating Harry. Harry came out of the hypnotic suggestion, but some people don't - the hypnotic suggestions underlie their actions for the rest of their lives.

29. Drug Dealers usually give kids (or adults) free drugs, at first, and pretend to be their friend, with big sales talk about how great the drugs are --which is a deception by the drug dealer. Then the drug dealer may tell the target victim that they owe him for the drugs that he gave them free, or the target victim may just plain be addicted to the drugs already. Statistics show that 1 in 6 become easily addicted. The drug dealer then tells the target victim that they have to do things for him/her to earn money to buy the drugs, such as sell drugs or their bodies (both males and females). If the child has no one to protect them, the child may be enslaved, and demands put on the child to earn as much a $250 per hour, as much as 18 hours per day. If the quotas are not made the child is beaten. When the child can no longer take it, and finally makes an attempt to escape, the child is killed.
Children who refuse to take drugs in the beginning, or refuse to earn illegal money for religious, intelligent or other reasons, are usually killed if the drug dealer has introduced the child to his police or elected officials for protection, or explained the training tactics or locations of drug dealer training centers or the organization of organized crime that regulates almost all crime and drugs.
Several children that I have counseled have told me that they were sent to a training center in Flagstaff, AZ. While receiving the training, they were encouraged or forced to drink lots hard liquor, and to do lots of drugs. They all told the similar stories, even though they were from different states or towns and age groups. They all stated that they were promised that money was being placed in a large bank account for them, which they would receive after one year, with which they can buy a big house and car, and have any date in town that they want, and will be considered a good person in town, because they have a big car. Some said that they were told that there is a pecking order in town, and that they can pick on people instead of being picked on, and often they name the person to be picked on – someone who refuses to do drugs.
Sometimes they make other children and adults watch while they multiple rape, humiliate and torture a victim to death. They tell witnesses the same will happen to them if they do not do as they are told.
According to the true life memoirs of an FBI undercover narcotics agent, Joe Pistone (Donnie Brasco), (1978-80) organized crime bosses at a somewhat middle level, require payments of $50,000.00 per month from lower bosses, which means that they have to recruit lots of drug buyers and dealers and other illegal activity workers each month on a large scale or they will be killed [or perhaps more likely pushed out of the hierarchy].

30. Discrediting, or sneering at anything the ignorant people say or do, to destroy their self esteem. Make them think that anything they say or do is worthless, or disgusting, and that no one wants to listen to them. Please note that at first, the Abuser may be just the opposite. He/she may be warm, loving, caring, and encouraging, just until the victim falls in love with him/her and becomes emotionally dependent on him/her. Then he/she begins to destroy the target’s self esteem. The emotionally weak person will become even more of an emotional wreck than before he/she met the Abuser, and may do anything to regain the loving attention of the Abuser, not realizing that it was just a deception and a manipulation. Many do not realize that they did not lose the love due to their worthlessness -- there never was any love there in the first place, just deception. The Abuser may promote this “sick deception of love” by only occasionally giving the victim attention, so that the victim will strive for that occasional attention, just like a Pavlovian Dog salivating for an occasional morsel of food.
The Abuser may then tell the victim that he needs money bad, and she can help him to get a lot of money fast in one night, and if she loves him, she will do it. Then he doesn’t let her stop. He can shift her to being a slave, or sell her to a big city or foreign country slave dealer. The girl would be beaten if she doesn’t comply. Slaves are usually killed within two years, when they cannot or will not take it any longer. Please note one tactic known to work is [a girl] telling them that lots of people will be looking for her, especially if she names politically powerful relatives (bluffing or not).
Drug dealers say that it is OK to deal drugs to children and recruit children, because they like it, and they know what they are doing. That is not true. Kids do not have a knowledge base, and are taught to trust adults, older kids, and police and authorities that they use to entice children.
Also, ANYONE WHO BUYS DRUGS SUPPORTS ACTIVITIES SUCH AS THIS!!!! –such as the kidnapping, enslavement, and killing of children, as well as any drug dealing to children or to anyone, and the associated detriments to their lives. If anyone tried to deal drugs without being related to organized crime, they would be killed, or dealt with in some horrible way. Professors or parents or individuals who think that they are doing no harm by occasionally doing drugs are very wrong!! Drug dealers have quotas put on them by organized crime, and if they cannot sell drugs, or recruit lower level drug dealers, and pay their quotas to organized crime bosses, they could be killed. If no one bought drugs, the drug dealers could go out of business, and kids would be safer [with emphasis].

31. Drug dealers tell their target victim that drugs will make them feel good all of the time. (The truth is that drugs’ peak effects last only from a few minutes to a few hours. Most mood altering drugs destroy the nervous systems’ inner-synaptic receptor sites, so that your body’s natural neuro-trans- mitters can no longer attach, leaving a person without the ability to feel good at all - ever. When the body sees (by bio-feedback) that the neuro-transmitters, such as adrenalin, norepenephrin, or serotonin are not being used, the body will quit making them. The more drugs a person uses, the more they will crave drugs as the only way that they can feel good in the absence of neuro-transmitters. No neuro-transmitters will be available to allow the person to feel good, even if they do something to generate feeling good naturally, such as making an A in school or winning a game or getting a kiss from a loved one. Most people have noticed alcoholics or drug abusers who look hung-over or angry or miserable all of the time. They have probably destroyed almost of their neuro-transmitters. Drug Dealers do not care that hang-overs cause loss of days at work, and hardships on fellow employees, supervisors and worksites, and often loss of jobs and families.

32. Graffiti has an alphabet coding system that tells the location and times of drug deals, which makes it safer for drug dealers. (This was verified in the docudrama “Falcon & Snowman.”)

33. Drug dealers tell their target ignorant people that all other people are “rich” and have so much money that they do not know what to do with it, and that they are rotten for not “giving” money to them, and therefore it is OK to rob and cheat other people. The world owes them a living.

34. Drug dealers tell kids that AIDs is curable, and that nothing will happen to them if they sell their bodies for money to buy drugs. They say that Magic Johnson says that he was cured of AIDs, and that he has “safe sex with condoms.” A truthful statement is that there is no cure for aids, and that condoms do not always work, as body fluid may slip out of the condom while removing it, and warts may be in an area not covered by a condom, and condoms may break or leak. People risk arrest and felony records for life, while selling sex, as well as risking disease, and murder, assault or abusive language, as well as the above described slavery and death. Also, people who are using drugs or in a hurry seldom use condoms.

35. Some Southern Preachers preach, indirectly, that Jesus can be used as a co-conspirator to get away with crimes and sin, as they state that anything will be forgiven, as long as they apologize to God in their last breath, and fail to mention about repentance, or that the Book of Romans states that if you sin, hoping to be forgiven, it will not be forgiven. --also, the parable of those who were left behind because they were not prepared. Such teachings make it easy to manipulate ignorant people into doing crimes, or evil deeds. When ever anyone asks about someone who abuses them, they often answer just that they must forgive the abuser, with no comfort for the abused. That would, also be, according to behavioral psychology, a motive for abusers to keep abusing or raping, as they receive love and forgiveness when they abuse. That may be a powerful motivator for sick minded abusers who have no other way to achieve love, self esteem and recognition.

36. Please note that the study of psychology defines a sociopath as one who has no conscience, and feels no guilt, nor empathy, but only feels sympathy for him/herself.

37. Also, police, often do not protect poor people, or people who are too ignorant to complain, write, or to organize to demand protection, or to protest. Often, some police take pay from drug dealers to protect the drug dealers. Most drug dealers could not operate without police to protect them. The most frightening thing in the world is when a cop helps the drug dealer to abuse the kid, or to get away with rape. The kid does not know where to turn. A cop once told me, “You have no one to protect you.” I never forgot it, and often have nightmares about that moment after many decades.

38. The government advertisements on TV just focus on parents telling kids not to do drugs. But a large percentage of kids have alcoholic or ignorant or absent parents, or parents who do drugs, or just plain do not care, or abuse or lie to the kid so much the kid cannot believe or trust them. Kids must be warned to just say no to drugs, the first time, and every time, and to stay away from those who try to get them to do drugs, and to stay away from those who act abusively, as described above.

Judy Cunningham
Copyrite 2002, and 2004 10/2004


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